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We’re absolutely passionate about making the cabinet doors and the process of installing a new kitchen as smooth and easy as possible. Our designers, cabinet makers and tradespeople have worked together for many years, and the list of hundreds of satisfied customers is constantly growing.

Our sustained recipe for success is a combination of design flair, quality craftsmanship, complete project management and a reputation for peerless customer service.

Shine Kitchen Cabinets has worked in the kitchen industry for more than 15 years. That experience has allowed us to constantly refine and improve a consultation, design and build methodology that gets fantastic results for clients. Above all, we believe a job is only finished once the client is 100% happy.

Shine Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Our designers are some of the most professional and experienced in the industry. They ask lots of questions, listen to what’s important to you and get a clear understanding of your needs. They then provide expertise that ensures you get the dream kitchen that reflects you, your lifestyle and your home. From the initial consultation when we first discuss a client’s wishlist to when you tell us you’re delighted with your completed new kitchen, we’re with you every step of the way. Our team of people committed to make this process as smooth as possible for you is incredibly important.


We understand how important your kitchen is to family life. That’s why, when you choose Shine you get more than just a kitchen. Everything we do is dedicated to creating kitchens that are part of the family.

Superior Client Service and Core Values
Professional and experienced designers
Reliable, documented and proven process
Custom quality product tailored to your needs
Experienced exceptional team committed to making a difference
Installation process that gives you peace of mind